The Royal Gypsy Vanner Ranch Embryo Transfer Program is an outstanding program for you to design the Gypsy Vanner horse of your dreams!

The first step is to choose the sire and the dam that best suits your personality! You are welcome to come tour the Royal Gypsy Vanner Ranch to assist you in making the perfect choice!

Once you choose the sire and the dam, we will get busy making you’re the Royal Gypsy Vanner Ranch baby with the assistance of Equitransfer.

Equitransfer has grown to be the largest equine reproductive facility in the Southeastern United States with a huge 300+ recipient mare herd, they have been able to complete over 3000 successful embryo transfers!


The Embryo Process: Step #1

Once you have chosen the stallion & the mare, Equitransfer will breed the mare to your chosen stallion.  The mare will produce a fertilized egg that will be flushed at the appropriate time, several days later.  The embryo will then be placed inside of one of the Equitransfer’s recipient mares.

The recipient mare will remain at the Royal Gypsy Vanner Ranch for approximately 30 days until the mare is confirmed in foal.  The recipient mare is available to transfer at your expense to your farm at this time.  The recipient mare will remain with you at your location until she foals and the baby is weaned.

Once your Gypsy Vanner foal is weaned, you can ship the mare back to Equitransfer at your expense.

If you would prefer, we do offer customers the choice of leaving the recipient mare at the Royal Gypsy Vanner Ranch for foaling.  We will take care of the foal until time of weaning.  We will return the recipient mare back to Equitransfer and you can make arrangements to pick up your gorgeous new foal or have it shipped to you!

The Cost Of An Embryo Transfer: $11,000.00


This includes:

  • Embryo Transfer fee to Equitransfer
  • Renting of Recipient Mare
  • Stud Fee
  • 30 Days of Recipient Mare Care
  • Live Foal Guarantee


Step #2 – Getting Started

In order to start the Embryo Process you must make a $3,000.00 non-refundable deposit.

Monthly payments of $800.00 per month will be paid for the next 10 months!


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